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Our much anticipated and planned-for workshop “Separate No More, Being the Body of Christ,” became a reality on Saturday, June 22nd

and what a great time we enjoyed together! Twenty-five persons, representing five denominations and four congregations of the Church of the Brethren joined in as we engaged in earnest discussions about racism and white privilege.

Jerry and Becky Crouse, members of the Ministry Team at Warrensburg Church of the Brethren, provided great leadership from their experience as Warrensburg High School Guidance Counselor and Chaplain at Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City respectively, as Pastors, and as Mission Coordinators in the Dominican Republic. More importantly, the work grew from heartfelt empathy and a compelling sense of the leading of the Holy Spirit.

Participants engaged in small group sharing after creating our own racial autobiography, as well as doing role play of various scenarios of potential conflict and discomfort. Discussions represented many viewpoints and were shared intensely and respectfully, with all of us owning the need for more and better dialogue and strategies to spend time outside our own circles of racial and ethnic familiarity, faith and practice.

We at Cabool look forward to the ways we will embody a renewed commitment to conversation and partnership with those “different from ourselves,” and as one recorded resource person on a shared quip commented, considering it “our loss” when we fail to do so.

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